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Noise & Motion

Ever wondered what a grand piano sounds like in Millican Dalton's cave?

The Soundwave Approach to Immersive Environments: Immersive Sounds

“Traditional immersive theatre in the arts tends to use architectural interiors, as with current immersive experience leaders Punchdrunk or Shunt this is often using an outside space, encouraging audiences to wander through an immersive theatre experience using a traditional approach to sound. Soundwave’s approach to the Immersive Sound Experience is anything but traditional. It’s not reverbs; it’s not simply recording sound in a space. It is something totally different”. 

We travel to remote locations and using specialist equipment we digitise the sonic fingerprint of a space. It could be a building, cave, quarry or valley – all plentiful in and around the Lake District, but frequently inaccessible or impossible to create audiences for performances.

With this data we recreate the ambience of a space. We are not recording performances in a space; we are literally capturing the aural ambience for performances in other venues. This creates unique musical and technical learning opportunities for our young and professional musicians, opens up possibilities of new, cross-genre, cross-art form collaborations and signals new and exciting ways of kick-starting Soundwave’s Music Commissions.

Combined with high-quality visuals we can create an immersive experience and hear performances in virtual locations that would usually be impossible.

With everything in place a performer or audience can choose where they want to hear music, in places instruments can never go.

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Cathederal Cavern

We took down our Soundfield Microphone to capture a few impulse responses in Cathederal Cavern, Langdale.

This particular cave has a brilliant 7-second natural delay time. However, taking instruments down into the heart of this cave would be impossible - this is where Noise & Motion comes in!

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