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RUM Records

We've now got a mini-version of our recording studio up-and-running again!

If you're a musician and you write your own stuff but have never been able to get it recorded, look no further than Rum Records, Soundwave's recording studio and record label. 

Get in touch to find out how we can record your songs, or come to the Monday night sessions (MusicZone) for your chance to make and record your own music!


For young musicians who want to record their own stuff!


A mini recording studio.


Contact us for more info about when you can come and record some of your tunes!

Dream In Colours - Conz ft. Shelbie.

This is one of the singles Rum Records recorded, produced and released for local artist Conz (featuring Shelbie). We also released this song for digital download on iTunes, and for streaming on Spotify.

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